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Financial Benefits…
Lawn care provides significant financial benefits to the economy as last year homeowners spent an estimated $11.6 billion dollars on lawn care.
Realtors report a return on investment of 20% on landscape and lawn care purchases

Environmental Benefits…
Oxygen production-a 50’X50’ lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.
Cooling Effect-Eight healthy front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning-enough for 16 average homes.
Pollution Control-Dust and smoke particles from the atmosphere are trapped by turf. Grass also converts carbon dioxide to oxygen.
Water Quality-Dense, healthy grass slows down and filters runoff, removing contaminant and trapping soil.

SSE Landscape Contractors Inc. Bridgewater, MA. 508-279-9797

Serving  Massachusetts South Shore including the cities and towns of:

Abington, Avon, Bridgewater, Brockton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Lakeville, Middleboro, Pembroke, Plymptom, Raynham, Rockland, South Easton, South Weymouth, Taunton, West Bridgewater, Weymouth, Whitman Ma.


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