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Quick Facts...

  • Lawns that are thin from drought, pests or increasing shade may benefit from renovation.
  • Take advantage of total lawn renovation to introduce a species or variety that gives better drought resistance and water use efficiency, increased pest resistance, and better lawn appearance.
  • Only certain grass types are compatible for overseeding existing lawns.
  • Newly seeded areas require different care than established lawns.

What is lawn renovation?

Lawn renovation involves killing existing turf and replacing it with new grass without tilling or changing the grade which is normally done during the establishment of a new lawn. Partial lawn renovation may also include the items listed below.

  • Introduce a new or improved variety of the same turfgrass species into an existing lawn. For example, seeding a new bluegrass variety into an existing bluegrass lawn.
  • Introduce a similar-looking species into an existing lawn such as perennial ryegrass in a bluegrass lawn.

Why renovate a lawn?

You may want to consider renovating a home lawn if:

  • the lawn species or variety is frequently attacked by disease or insects and it has caused the lawn to thin out,
  • the landscape has become increasingly shady over time and the original lawn is thin and unhealthy,
  • the lawn was severely injured or totally killed by disease, insects, or drought, or if it was winterkilled, or if
  • you want to completely convert from one turf species to another.

When is the best time to renovate a lawn?

The timing for lawn renovation varies according to grass type and elevation of the site. For the most success, follow the guidelines below.
  •  Late August to Mid October  -  Optimal Time
  • Mid April to Late May  -  Ok, but too much weed competition


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